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Proper Autosar Development with tresos and CW for S12X

Question asked by Eduard Badia on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Nam Nguyen Viet



I'm trying to develop my first Autosar project, using S12X microcontroller, but I would need some clearence on the step-to-step order.


I have downloaded from NXP website the AUTOSAR3.0 MCAL and EB tresos studio, which I have properrly instaled, and I know how can I create a project and obtain the files .c, .h, .arxml and . epc


But which would be the next step? How can I develop my application layer? Can I import the EB project into codewarrior  (i'm using 5.2) and then debug into Hiwave?


Can someone support and give me a step to step guidance on this?


Thanks in advance,