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Flash Android 10 Dual Bootloader on IMX8MM with 8G eMMC

Question asked by Jarvis Tsai on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Jarvis Tsai

Hi NXP support team,


I am using IMX8M mini cpu and try to flash dual bootloader on our 8G eMMc board.


However there are not ".bpt file" for "7GB dual-bootloader" in "device/fsl/common/partition".



So i create and modify one for "7GB" based on "device-partitions-13GB-ab-dual-bootloader.bpt".

You can see attached .btp file and the patch i modified like below.
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"settings": {
- "disk_size": "13 GiB",
+ "disk_size": "7 GiB",
"disk_alignment": 2097152,
"first_partition_offset": 8388608
@@ -54,14 +54,14 @@
"ab": true,
"label": "vendor",
- "size": "512 MiB",
+ "size": "256 MiB",
"guid": "auto",
"type_guid": "2578eab2-a534-43e2-92c0-fed1b01c5d1d"
"ab": true,
"label": "product",
- "size": "1792 MiB",
+ "size": "896 MiB",
"guid": "auto",
"type_guid": "c1dedb9a-a0d3-42e4-b74d-0acf96833624"


After i build and try to flsah image with command ".\uuu_imx_android_flash.bat -f imx8mm -a -c 7 -u dual".

It always fails in flashing "vendor.img" like below :


dual bootloader is supported
dtbo is supported
dual slot is supported
generate lines to flash spl-imx8mm-dual.bin to the partition of bootloader0
generate lines to flash partition-table-dual.img to the partition of gpt
generate lines to flash bootloader-imx8mm-dual.img to the partition of bootloader_a
generate lines to flash dtbo-imx8mm.img to the partition of dtbo_a
generate lines to flash boot.img to the partition of boot_a
generate lines to flash system.img to the partition of system_a
generate lines to flash vendor.img to the partition of vendor_a
generate lines to flash product.img to the partition of product_a
generate lines to flash vbmeta-imx8mm.img to the partition of vbmeta_a
uuu script generated, start to invoke uuu with the generated uuu script
uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- libuuu_1.3.171-0-g4249f93

Success 0 Failure 1

1:13 15/22 [Request would exceed partition size! ] FB: flash vendor_a


I also modify vendor size to 512 MiB in .btp file, but it still fails as above.   

"ab": true,
"label": "vendor",
"size": "512 MiB",
"guid": "auto",
"type_guid": "2578eab2-a534-43e2-92c0-fed1b01c5d1d"


My vendor.img only has 69,073 KB.


Please help to create a "7GB dual-bootloader" .btp file to flash.