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Question asked by ROBERTO BERNER on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by Erich Styger

I have an old FRDM-KE02Z board. I tried to make a project using CodeWarrior 11.1 (downloaded last version and reinstalled today). I took this option after reading here: Preferred development system for FRDM-KE02Z? 


I have experience with CodeWarrior IDE using the Freescale S08 family. Although I instructed the installer to download all of the Kinetis family, CodeWarrior seems to ignore any kind of selection related to Kinetis family. Not only the Kinetis E series but any other single chip in the list of any other family. This clearly is a bug to my understanding, because the contents of folders and files for the Kinetis family is there. This happened also with the previous installed CodeWarrior.


I also installed today the last version of the MCUXpresso IDE 11.1.1_3241 and to my surprise there is no support for the Kinetis family to my knowledge. Couldn't find any of the FRDM boards neither searching by chip such as ej: MKEQ2Z64. Just NXP boards (please see attachments).


What is wrong with my installations? CodeWarrior 11.1 is working find with all of my previous projects, I tested this including programming a couple of designed working boards based on Freescale S08 chips. Could you please be so kind to indicate me which is the correct tool ? The person who posted in the above link replied that he could solve his problem using CodeWarrior. I just can't understand how he could.


Thank you in advance.