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How to set static IP address for ethernet interface i.mx8m mini EVK android 9.0?

Question asked by Chirag Desai on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by Chirag Desai

We have I.MX8M MINI EVK with Android 9.0 OS.


We are using Ethernet interface only. Now whenever I connect Ethernet cable it acquires IP automatically from DHCP server. I also tried ethernet application provided by NXP(Freescale) to set ethernet IP address and it works but the application is signed and can only run through root privileges.


In our application we can not sign it and don't want to run it with root privileges. Although we have server through which we can run some commands with root access. I tried to set the IP address using below commands.


ifconfig eth0 netmask

ip addr add broadcast dev eth0


Could not set the static IP address using above commands, It seems that some service is again changes the IP address received from DHCP server.


Please help me.