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Placing variables into specific memoery locations on the MCF52233

Discussion created by Christopher Theriault on Apr 18, 2009
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On the PIC series of Microcontollers I can do the following:

#pragma udata myData=0x2000

unsigned char value;


 any other variables I wish to declare


#pragma udata


This will place the variable 'value' at memory location 0x2000 in RAM with any other variables following consecutively after that until the subsequent pragma.  I'd like to know how to do this same process on the MCF52233.  I found a pragma that looked very similar to what I wanted, but it didn't use any numbers so I wasn't clear on how I could tell exactly where in memory that section would go.  The pragma I found appeared to allow me to name a section of memory but that section could still be placed in an arbitrary memory location.  How do I place data exactly where I want it?