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SCFW timing output interpretation

Question asked by Stuart Rubin on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2020 by igorpadykov

While working on some SECO features, I have enabled the debug monitor in the SCFW. To my pleasant surprise, the monitor outputs some timing information. This is very important to what we are working on. The output is somewhat obvious as to what it means, but there are no details. My output is:


ROM boot time  = 46084 usec

SCFW boot time  = 52751 usec

        Banner  = 10 usec

        Init    = 10509 usec

        Config  = 4014 usec

        DDR     = 14633 usec

        SConfig = 3054 usec

        Prep    = 14862 usec


Is there any documentation as to what exactly is being timed here? We are especially interested in how the first two numbers (ROM boot and SCFW boot times) relate to Figure 2 in "Secure Boot on iMX 8 and iMX 8x Familis using AHAB" application note. Exactly what's happening in each of these timing steps?


Thank you