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How to enable LDO3 on PF8100 from u-boot from i.MX8QX

Question asked by Robert McLean on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by Robert McLean

Our custom hardware design uses a PF8100 PMIC with the output from LDO3 driving other parts of the system.  LDO3 is disabled in the OTP fuses, but we would like to enable LDO3 at 3.3V from u-boot.


The SDA and SCL on the PF8100 are connected to PMIC_I2C_SDA and PMIC_I2C_SCL on the i.MX8.


I think I know what needs to happen on the i2c between the i.MX8 and the PMIC by reading this data sheet: 

However I'm not sure how to use the pmic_i2c from the i.MX8.


Is there a u-boot device driver we could use to enable the PMIC through the u-boot device tree?

If not, how do I access the pmic_i2c in the i.MX8 to communicate with the PMIC?