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iMXRT1021 - IVT address and Elftosb build issue

Question asked by Tony Thurgood on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

With reference to a previous discussion...


Hi Kerry Zhou

I have downloaded the latest SDK_2.7.0_EVK-MIMXRT1020-OM13588, there was a choice of OM or AGM. I'm not sure what the those letters signify?


Now using those unsigned bd files from SDK_2.7.0_EVK-MIMXRT1020-OM13588\middleware\mcu-boot\bin\Tools\bd_file\imxrt102x...

options {
flags = 0x00;
startAddress = 0x60000000;
ivtOffset = 0x1000;
initialLoadSize = 0x2000;
//DCDFilePath = "dcd.bin";
# Note: This is required if the default entrypoint is not the Reset_Handler
# Please set the entryPointAddress to Reset_Handler address
// entryPointAddress = 0x60002411;

sources {
elfFile = extern(0);

section (0)

# The source block assign file name to identifiers
sources {
myBinFile = extern (0);

constants {
kAbsAddr_Start= 0x60000000;
kAbsAddr_Ivt = 0x60001000;
kAbsAddr_App = 0x60002000;


I ran the elftosb bat file and I get this error...


Step 1 - create iMX format image files
1 file(s) copied.
Could Not Find C:\Projects\Hub2_Firmware_dev\Tools\Serial-Download\elftosb\img\
Section: 0x0
Step 2 - create Kinetis format program files
failed to open source file: elftosb\img\ivt_output_xip_nopadding.bin (ignoring for now)
error: line 62: error opening source 'myBinFile'
Could Not Find C:\Projects\Hub2_Firmware_dev\Tools\Serial-Download\elftosb\img\ivt_output_xip_nopadding.bin


If I change the IVT=0x400 (incorrect address for this device), elftosb builds ok.

How can I resolve this?


Is it something to do with the output file from IAR Workbench, is there a build setting that I need?

In the IAR/project/C/C++ Compiler/Preprocessor, we are using these Defines...


Is that right?