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PF3001 Power/Pins function

Question asked by Shashank Vaidya on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 28, 2020 by Shashank Vaidya

Hi All,

I have few confusions in the schematics and functioning of few pins. 


1. I am using 5V from USB to power the IC. So, should I connect the net from VIN (after bypass capacitors & PMOS pass FET) to power ON all the switchers & LDO? (4.5V to all the LDOs & switchers- Typical power map in page 26 of datasheet made me to think of this). 


2. I am not using VSNVS, LICELL pins. Can I connect to Vin with bypass capacitors & leave it as it is?


3. Can VLDO34 pin(pin21) be connected to VIN if am using VPWR mode. (voltage greater than 4.5V-in the reference design its connected from SW2). Also what about VLDO2IN.? 


4. Input to switching regulator tells that to use 10uF & 0.1uF in page number 32.
But in functional description, it is told 4.7uF & 0.1uF. Which one should I follow?


5. Is the input voltage is called the main band gap voltage?


Attached are the datasheet & reference schematics. 


Please help


Thank you.