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PN7150 vs Temperature

Question asked by Deborah Linzi on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by vicentegomez

Hi everybody,

I'm using PN7150 and a bare metal MCU running the nxp library provided in the SW4325 example.

Everything is working fine at room temperature but it suddenly report an error when the temperature fall below 0°C. The reading process start again properly as temperature drop further and gets below -10°C or, of course, at any temperature above 0°C. It looks like there is a range between 0°C and -10°C where something doesn't work properly

The message  reported is:


- POLL MODE: Remote MIFARE card activated
SENS_RES = 0x04 0x00
NFCID = E3 30 0B BC
SEL_RES = 0x08
Authenticate sector 0 failed with error 0x03


Some more pieces of information, antenna is printed on pcb, using a probe loop connected to an oscilloscope I can not see any drop in signal strength, at any temperature, I only see a different packet length, longer when it reads the information I need , sector 0, block 1 and 2.


Does anybody experienced a similar phenomena, any suggestions?


Thanks in advance