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LPC1100-based LPC-Link 2 ?

Question asked by Ivo Clarysse on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by jeremyzhou

We're considering using an LPC-Link 2 debugger (OM13054UL) to program devices.  Our distributors (eg. Element14) provide two variants of this debugger, one based on LPC1100, and another based on LPC4300.


LPC-Link 2 variants on Element14

On NXP's website, I can only find information about the LPC4300-based variant.


Is there really an LPC1100-based LPC-Link 2 ?  Can it be used instead of the LPC4300-based variant ?  If so, where can I find CMSIS-DAP firmware for the LPC1100-based LPC Link 2 ?


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