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kw36 wireless uart and hci bb using the same uart

Question asked by yuan xiao on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by Estephania Martinez

hi, dear nxp engineer

    i am learning the KW36 freedom board.  i have debug and runned the demo: wireless uart .using the kinetis toolbox.

the app can receive the data send from the uart assisstant connect to KW36 using the USB cable attached with the board.


i also runned the hci bb and learned about that using uart assisstant send hci command. like 01 03 18 00.the uart assisstant will receive the data from the board. 

now i use wirelss_uart as the base project. and want to combine the function hci_bb poccess. when i made a contrast with the 2 project i found. 

1> hci bb demo had enable the macro: #define gUseHciTransportUpward_d  1  in app_preinclude.h.

2> the hci_tansport has the same source code in file hcit_serial_interface.c


so a add the macro "gUseHciTransportUpward_d" in NXP_WU demo. and meant to  implement like this :

when i send data in PC uart com: "0a 02 03"  i want the send "02 03" to the phone connected over air.

when i send data in PC uart com: "0b 01 03 18 00" the 01 03 18 00 will be send to hci controller use the API Hci_SendPacketToController(..) 


the detail code script like below in bold.

static void BleApp_FlushUartStream(void *pParam)
if (pMsg != NULL)
/* Collect the data from the serial manager buffer */
if ( Serial_Read( gAppSerMgrIf, pMsg, mAppUartBufferSize, &bytesRead) == gSerial_Success_c )
//if (bytesRead != 0)
if(bytesRead != 0 )
/* Send data over the air */
if( pMsg[0] == 0x0a) //add by yx.
BleApp_SendUartStream(pMsg, bytesRead);
else if(pMsg[0] == 0x0b)
//BleApp_SendUartStream(pMsg, bytesRead);
//uint8_t packet[20] = {0x00};
//FLib_MemCpy(packet, &pMsg[1], bytesRead-1);
uint8_t packet[3] = {0x03,0x18,0x00};
/* Free Buffer */


i found the initialize in code in BleApp_init()


/* Register Serial Manager interface */

Serial_SetBaudRate(gAppSerMgrIf, gUARTBaudRate115200_c);

/* Install Controller Events Callback handler */
Serial_SetRxCallBack(gAppSerMgrIf, Uart_RxCallBack, NULL);


i aslo found the hcit_init() has mapped the same uart. 

/* Configure HCI Transport */
hcitConfigStruct_t hcitConfigStruct =
.interfaceType = gHcitInterfaceType_d,
.interfaceChannel = gHcitInterfaceNumber_d,
.interfaceBaudrate = gHcitInterfaceSpeed_d,
.transportInterface = (hciTransportInterface_t)Hci_SendPacketToController

return Hcit_Init(&hcitConfigStruct);




when i disable serial init in BleApp_init() then the Hci_SendPacketToController(..)  can send and receive controller event response. 

so how can i keep the uart function to receive data from pc uart assistant meanwhile can send data to controller use api like .Hci_SendPacketToController(..).