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Slow CodeWarrior IDE with Ethernet

Question asked by Ameet Kaustav on Apr 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2009 by stanish

I have a rather interesting (and weird) problem in CodeWarrior on my PC. Everytime I use CodeWarrior with my Local Area Network (Ethernet) connection on, CodeWarrior responds rather slowly. It mostly seems frozen for multiple short duration of time. It is slow when I open it (23 seconds, I timed it), freezes many times for short durations when I type in code in the editor, is slow when I make and is slow during debugging also.


When I do the same turning off my Local Area Network (Ethernet) connection (by either pulling the jack out or disabling it from Networks and Dial-up connections window), all of the above steps work just fine, taking appropriate amouts of time (eg. opening CodeWarrior takes 3 seconds). I can't really tell if this is a problem in CodeWarrior or my PC's ethernet connection. Other programs seem to work fine with/without ethernet turned on. The weird part is that this problem doesn't occur on another PC with the same configurations and the same CodeWarrior installed.


I have CodeWarrior Development studio for Microcontrollers V6.2 Release, build 8127 with CodeWarrior Development studio for Microcontrollers V6.2.1 Compiler Patch, build 8205 installed. My PC configurations are:

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4

Processor: Intel Pentium , 1.80 GHz

RAM: 512 MB


Ameet Kaustav