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Discussion created by Carl Norman on Apr 17, 2009
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Hi, just thought I would offer some feedback for the developers of Codewarrior.


I am using 5.9.0 and 7.1 for Coldfire MQX, I also use 6.1 for some 8 bit stuff.


- Dual monitor support is not much good across the board, its really not setup to work at all on dual monitors other than the 'floating' and 'docked' which is only about 1% of the way to offering dual monitor support. If you want a good example of Dual monitor support, check out eclipse, or Altium Designer.

- The debugger is poorly setup on dual monitors as the source window are locked to the data windows and restricted to inside the ide window. Even with a single, its clumbsy as the debug info is 'locked' to the source, and the source is hard to change and use to monitor the flow of the program, set break points as when you open another source, it opens over the top of the debugger!

- 64 bit support should be considered, we are forced to run VMware to allow us to debug. 64 bit is becomming the norm these days, but so is VMWare so its not so bad.

- It would be good the ide's text editor was a little more MFC / standard text editor based. You cant even hold down and arrow across to highlight while holding shift + control, even this editor on the forum can manage that! There are several other things but cannot think of them off the top of my head, its just annoying. Its like the people that developed the text editior have designed it from scratch instead of using what the rest of the world uses.


Thats enough venting for today 







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