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Firmware update with iMXRT1021 + BEE encryption

Question asked by Tony Thurgood on Apr 14, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

Kerry Zhou

Hi Kerry,

We have our 1021 product running in encrypted mode using BEE.

That is, BEE_KEY0_SEL, EncryptedXIP and SRK fuses all active.


Using an ethernet port, the image will be updated, writing to an inactive (but part of encrypted region) bank in flash. After a power cycle the new image will be executed.

What is the recommended process for updating the firmware to maintain the BEE encryption?


Can the BEE be used to encrypt a plain image+csf as it is written to flash?

Or does the image have to be encrypted+csf, then downloaded and written to flash without the BEE?


There won't be any type of proprietary flashloader, just whatever methods are needed for receiving blocks of data and writing to the required areas of flash.