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Need help with DMA and UART in new project

Question asked by William Wolthuis on Apr 13, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by William Wolthuis

I am new to MCUXpresso and am trying to build a project using the config tools.  When I try to use a UART peripheral with DMA I get errors in the peripheral editor for the UART that says that I don't have the DMA component selected in my project.  I don't have a "dma" component listed in the Drivers when Managing SDK compoents for the project.  So I selected "dmamux" and "edma". I also verified that it was and that fsl_dmamux.h contained the functions that the linker couldn't find at link time when I built the project.  I am using the Installed SDK SDK_2.x_MK64FX512xxx12 that was provided with the install.  Is there something else that I need to do to make this work?