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i.MX8MM Freeze

Question asked by Felix Radensky on Apr 13, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Oliver Chen


Our i.MX8MM board comes with 2GB DDR4 RAM. We have used DDR4 RPA tool V10 to create DRAM configuration. We are experiencing system freezes during boot when Linux busfreq driver (drivers/soc/imx/busfreq-imx8mq.c) attempts to lower DDR frequency. The freeze is 100% reproducible on each boot. It occurs in both 4.14.98 and 4.19.35 BSP. We suspect that our DDR4 configuration may be a problem. The latest i.MX8MM DDR4 RPA tool V11 has limited the number of frequency points from 3 (2400, 400 and 100MHz) to 2 (2400 and 1336MHz). Is there any problem with 3 frequency points ?