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MCF52233 Flash Programming

Question asked by Rajkumar Vinod Kanna on Apr 16, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2009 by Rajkumar Vinod Kanna
I'm using MCF52233 (without RTOS) for a project. Would like to know if I can get hold of example firmware sub-routines to read/read-sector/write/write-sector/erase/erase-sector the chip's internal flash. We are trying to use this to store some configuration data and would greatly help if we could use the internal flash instead of using an external EEPROM or the likes. Also would like to know the times requires for the sector-erase/sector-write etcetera (during which I presume the ISRs need to be disabled), as we have other task running in the back ground and we need to know the time required for the flash programming to analyse if any of the background task could starve of CPU.