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kw36 wireless_uart problem

Question asked by yuan xiao on Apr 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río

hi,dear nxp engineer

    i am using a kw36 freedom board. running the SDK 2.2.0 example wireless_uart. use this demo and test with kinetis toolbox it indeed can send/receive the context.  i have only one kw36 board if i want to set one as central the other as peripheral. it is not available.


so i want to use some ble tools running on phone. like NRF connect to finished the dual-mode test. when i use nrf connect as a advertiser the kw36 switch to central. how can i make some change of the wireless_uart demo to support this. even i switch kw36 as advertiser the "nrf connect "  initiate scan and connect it can not set up connect either.


i  comment out the if-condition line as below:

case gDeviceScanned_c:
         Serial_Print(gAppSerMgrIf, "\n\r Enter event gDeviceScanned_c...\n\r", gAllowToBlock_d);
            //if (BleApp_CheckScanEvent(&pScanningEvent->eventData.scannedDevice)) //remove the check condition by yx
                gConnReqParams.peerAddressType = pScanningEvent->eventData.scannedDevice.addressType;

it seems to be no effect. would you please give some idea how to make some change to use this demo to support connection with other third party ble app tool (nrf connect or ble scanner) thanks a lot.