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Can imx8m mini mipi-csi dphy accept continuous clk from camera?

Question asked by Yuefeng Zhu on Apr 10, 2020
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I am running into a problem when using a camera module. The camera clock lane seems running continuously without going into LP11 state. When I probe the dphy state, it gives me 0xc1, which means data lane 0 and 1 are active (it matches my lane setting), but the clock lane is in stop state.


The camera vendor claims that it can work with imx8QM. I haven't test yet. But if it is true, it will be weird to see imx8QM's dphy can handle the continous clk but imx8m mini can't. 


Is there anyone who has any ideas how imx8m mini's mipi-csi dphy works? Is there anything I can change in the kernel?  My current kernel version is 4.14.98. The imx8m mini module is from Compulab. The camera module is from allied vision. Thank you for sharing any thoughts!