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iMXRT1060 and HyperRAM transaction length

Question asked by George Volokh on Apr 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by Melissa A Hunter

Hi All,

We are working with iMXRT1060 and connecting HyperRAM to the FlexSPI. Everything works properly.

We are using HyperRAM access via AHB.

As I understand, the transaction with HyperRAM should not be very long, the HyperRAM must make internal refresh between (or in the beginning) of transactions. As HyperRAM DS says, the recommended transaction length should not be longer than 4us. It means that with 166MHz frequency the transaction length should be about 1kbytes, not more.

The question: do we have opportunity to variate the transaction length via AHB? If yes, then how?

The idea is to make length much more (to increase speed) but not more than 4us.


Thanks in advance.


George Volokh.