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gPTP master/slave on dual iMX7 Ethernet port

Question asked by Lorenzo Chiesi on Apr 10, 2020



We are considering for our poroject iMX7 Dual, featuring 2 x ENET independent subsystem supporting IEE1588.
We would like to connect several node with dual Gb Ethernet port in "daisy chain". Node will run linux and will be configured to bridge ethernet ports permitting communication along the chain.

We should achieve gPTP syncronization between all node in the chain and gPTP grandmaster connected to first node.

Idea is to run 2 istance of ptp4l, one on "primary" port working as slave, one on "secondary" port working as master for successive node in the chain.

 The obscure point is about how to sync the ptp resouces of the 2 ethernet bloks, as they don't seems have any hardware feature to do this.

Any ideas?


Thanks a lot,