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PF3000 datasheet register information does not correspond to the actual situation

Question asked by Sample Dep Gordy Guo on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by Christophe Meynard

Using MC34PF3000A1EP to match IMX7D which is reference design. But we found something abnormal.

   The default value of the PMIC register is offset: [0x20] ::: 0x18, offset: [0x66] ::: 0x00. The measured default configuration is that the SW1A output is 1.28V and the SWBST output is 3.88V.
     After changing the register configuration (offset: [0x20] ::: 0x10, offset: [0x66] ::: 0x48), the voltage output is normal, SW1A output is 1.1V, SWBST output is 4.99V

We check the datasheet, as below,seems the datasheet show the wrong data. Would you please give me a reply? Thanks. By the way we check the NXP EVB and the board designed ourselves. It was the same.

1. offset:[0x20]:::0x18