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how to goto VECTOR 2

Question asked by everk image on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by everk image

My mcu is MC9S12XE.The Vector 0 is __Startup(),it's the default startup routine.And Vector 2 is __cop_reset_startup(),just like:


byte gb_flag = 0x00;

void __cop_reset_startup(void)



   gb_flag = 0x55;




In main(),cop is enabled without feeding,after about 1 seconds later,system restart but don't goto __cop_reset_startup(),cause gb_flag == 0x00;


Also i change "VECTOR 2 __cop_reset_startup" to "VECTOR ADDRESS 0xFFFA __cop_reset_startup",result is same.


I debug the project and find that when system restart,PC is equal to 0xFF13.