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Udoo Neo Full is loading imx6q-udoo-hdmi.dtb

Question asked by Anh Pham Tuan on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Rita Wang

Hi Everyone!

I'm newbie in linux system!

After checking /sys/var/term.log, I saw linux OS of my udoo board, it load imx6q-udoo-hdmi.dtb and it dose not load any *.dtb file in /boot/dts folder.

I tried to at this line in uEnv.txt : fdtfile=/boot/dts/imx6sx-udoo-neo-full.dtb and restart udoo board. But the board dose not loading OS.

I want to know why dose linux OS load imx6q-udoo-hdim.dtb, but udoo neo use imx6sx serial chip? And how to config linux OS to load another *.dtb file?

Please help me to resolve this problem!

Sorry for my poor English!