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Having trouble running s32k116 standalone

Question asked by Revan Ahn on Apr 8, 2020
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I'm having difficulty running S32k116 in Standalone mode


It's a simple LED controlled by GPIO application. I've tried comparing Debug configurations line by line, but it did not work at all in the end.


After about a million times of trial and error this was my final attempt, in which I was pretty sure of getting this solved


1. create 2 projects
- project A: File -> New -> S32DS application project

- project B: File -> New -> S32DS project from example -> RTM 3.0.0 -> S32k116 -> hello_world_s32k116


2. Copy everything from project B(hello_world_s32k116) and paste it to project A

(PE components, Main.c, Debug Config File.... everything needed to fulfill the integrity of  a project)


3. Build...Debug... and disconnect and try out power on reset and find out if it works


After all, it worked fine in Debug mode but it did not if I tried disconnecting and doing power on reset

(there was a issue with reset delay on the board but even when I got it cleared, it only runs on example project)



I like learning things step by step so my goal was to go for creating a new project and let it run well


this is the DEV environment that I'm using now.


- S32DS for ARM v2.2(no plug-ins installed)

- GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging using 'USB Multilink Universal FX Rev C'


Any suggestions would be helpful