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Assigning pins for DMIC2 on RT595

Question asked by damien saint macary on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 19, 2020 by Kerry Zhou



I'm trying to assign pins for two microphones on RT595.

One of them is using DMIC0, using function #4, on pins 5_4 (CLK01) and 5_8 (DATA01)

The other one, I'm having trouble with.

According to the pin function table that I have:

PDM_CLK23 is on 3_1 with function #1

PDM_DATA23 is also on 3_1 with function #2

Also, CLK and DATA are on 3_2 for DMIC45, and on 3_3 for DMIC67.


So, whatever the channel (2 to 7), CLK and DATA are on the same pin. I don't see how I can have separate pins.


Am I misunderstanding something? Or is my pin function table wrong? Is there an official table somewhere? the table that I got was passed along by a colleague.


Thank you.