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LPUART2 of K32L2A microcontroller

Question asked by Parag Narkar on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Diego Charles

I was referring datasheet of K32L2Ax Datasheet. I found that for LQFP 64 model on pin number 11 and 12  i.e PTE22 and PTE23 has alternate functionality of LPUART2_TX and LPUART2_RX functionality.


Similarly i found that on pin number 59,60,61,62 i.e PTD2,PTD3,PTD4,PTD5 has alternate functionality of LPUART2_RX,LPUART2_TX,LPUART2_RX,LPUART2_TX


So if i want to use LPUART2 channel can i use Pin 11 for TX and Pin 61 for RX to communicate with a single device.

How does this multiplexing works?