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LS1043a-RGW Debug Uboot Console Port Input.

Question asked by Thomas Morrison on Apr 7, 2020
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I am bringing up custom LS1043a-RGW board and in u-boot- I see 

serial output, but I have not been able to get serial Input...


  1) Is there any configuration option that makes it impossible? 

  2) My hardware engineer swears the input is coming to edge of board.

  3) It looks like it is using DUART1 - and I've gone through the NS16550_init() - where it is pointing at

       this device. Although I'm confused that it is configuring registers and such, but when I look at 

        those peripheral registers in CodeWarrior - the values aren't there?

  4) I am wondering what ISR is reading this register and how I can instrument it to prove that 

      interrupts are occurring for inbound data? 

  5) I am looking at the polling loop from u-boot (tstc()) waiting for console input, and that is NOT set. 

      But, again, when I dump the rest of registers, it seems that it is NOT initialized?


      See attached dump from CodeWarrior Peripheral Registers for DUART1:


Thanks in advance.