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suggest let  codewarrior be free

Discussion created by Li Zhengping on Apr 16, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2009 by Marc Vandenhende

The suggestion seems to be crazy. but I believe it's a correct suggestion. I am chinese engineer and work at university. Freescale's MCu/MPU is very Competitive in technology. But freescale is not good at market. In china, except for some big company, almost nobody use freescale's MCU/MPU. why? why atmel's avr become popular so quickly in china? you know atmel'avr just came into being in 1990s, while freescale's hc05/08/hcs08.. and coldfire and powerpc have more long history. why?According to my point of view, I think some reasons is critical.

1. there are not free or very low cost development tools,including IDE, compiler and emulator(BDM..). you may debate the codewarrior and usb-tap etc bdm tools is low cost. but for chinese, they are too expensive!  I know one usbmultilink cost 5000RMB, I can't afford it,and most company and person can't afford the price.

why avr become so popular in china? one reason is there are some free development tools, for example , the open source winavr project give us a free and powerful IDE. avrJtag emulator cost only 100-400RMB(15-60 dollars). except winavr, the ICCavr IDE/compiler is also free, because some hacker crack it , many engineers use iccavr for free. you may say crack iccavr and use cracked iccavr is illegal. yes ,it's illegal, but it occupy market, atmel company sold much and much avr mcu.

In china, almost everyone use microsoft windows OS illegal. but microsoft  indulge。 I believe if Microsoft Prohibit illegal Windows user, Microsoft will never become a software empire. linux will kill windows in china.


2. there are not Convenient way to buy freescale's chips. In china buy freescale's chips is very difficult. Freescale's Distributors in china  have not good service attitude. and the price of chips is more higher than freescale's. 


So I suggest freescale open codwarrior for free. because codwarrior is not freescale's main product.  freescale's most important products is chips , freescale is not a software company ,it's semiconductor company. if freescale provide free development tools(IDE and BDM emulator), it will provoke companies and persons learn and use freescale's MCU/MPU. there are so many users, the chips Shipments will increase.

another suggestion is improve the distributors, make them better.