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RDCFPMSMVCSW.zip, software for the Flexis AC256 for vector motor control

Discussion created by Tim Economu on Apr 15, 2009
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First a question,

though it is not explicit, is DRM105 related to  RDCFPMSMVCSW.zip Codewarrior project? I believe it is...but I cannot find this documented anywhere, especially on the Design reference manual, or in the documentation for the source code.


Second, when making a project in CW ver 6.2., the zip file decompresses into the "PMSM_VC_Speed_CL_Enc_MCF51AC256_00315_0033 6.mcp" project. My question that the compiler (or is it linker) can't find some files, like the MCF51AC256.h header file, and the library files. Now I believe I can direct it to the library files, but the header file is nowhere on my system, I've searched and not found it. So where can I pick it up?


Last question, I just ordered a Mulitlink BDM ( I really don't like P and E tools, I wished Softec did this chip) , and wondering if there are any comments from users - like does it work, any problems, etc??

Many thanks

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