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CW can't find ARTDIVREC_S16

Question asked by GARY OLMSTEAD on Apr 15, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2009 by GARY OLMSTEAD

I am using the 56F8323 and CW v5.6.1 to write a program that includes floating point calculations.  It compiles OK, but I am getting a link error that says that ARTDIVREC_S16 is undefined. 


I tried adding all the 56800E float libraries I could find, all to no avail.  I found a sample application that uses fp and ARTDIVREC_S16.  It is demo_v42bis.mcp, and it includes only FP56800.lib, and MSL C 56800.lib. 


I already had MSL C 56800E.lib (along with fplib_advan_smm.lib, fllib_balan_smm.lib, plib_fast_smm.lib, and MSL C 56800E smm.lib).  I couldn't find anything called FP56800E.lib, and when I tried adding FP56800.lib, I got an error saying that it's for a different processor.


So, where is ARTDIVREC_S16 for the 56800E, or is there another way to make the error go away?  I tried searching for the ARTDIVREC_S16 source code, but couldn't find that, either.