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Query regarding soft error handling as per IEC 61508 standard 2010 edition

Question asked by Swapnil Vaychale on Apr 5, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by Daniel Chen

Hello Everyone,


We are using kinetis K60 processor MK60FX512VMD15 in one of our product. We are using MQX RTOS version 4.2.


We need to take care of soft errors (bit flips caused due to radiations, cosmic rays etc..) that could occur
in the SRAM present on kinetis K60 processor. The requirement comes from IEC 61508 standard (2010)
edition which requires assessment of random hardware failures (Probability of Failure on Demand - PFD, safe failure fraction - SFF).


Kindnly let me know if there is any software based solution to take care of soft errors in SRAM on Kinetis K60.


If not possible to handle through software, please suggest any other approach to satisfy the IEC 61508
requirements related to soft error handling.


Also kindly let me know Soft Error Rate (SER) for the SRAM present on MK60FX512VMD15 processor.


Thanks in advance.


With Warm Regards,