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TagXplorer v1.2 by NXP Software identifies all tags as NTAG 203X

Question asked by Vincent Coli on Apr 5, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2020 by IvanRuiz

#Hello community,


I have a problem using TagXplorer v1.2 by NXP Software connected to the NXP Pegoda CLRD710 Reader, running on my Windows 10 PC.


TagXplorer Version: 1.2

Build Version: 2019-12-14 175055

TapLinx SDK Version: 1.5

NXP Pegoda CLRD710 Firmware 2.2.8


Regardless of the Tag Type I place on the Pegoda Reader, when TagXplorer connects to the tag, the tag is identified as an NTAG 203X (I am using an NTAG 213 Tag Tamper).  Then I am not able to execute any of the NTAG Operations appropriate for the NXP tag type I have.  I get a “Tag is not of type…” Error.


Can anyone suggest how I can configure TagXplorer to connect to the tag with the correct tag type?