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How to make LS1012A work as a I2C slave device?

Question asked by Sabr Zhan on Apr 5, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2020 by LPCX presso support

Guys, I have a NXP LS1012a board (, and my goal is to use it as I2C slave.


I want to have SoC-to-SoC communication via I2C, the other SoC will be Rpi3 (for the time being). Both of them are 3V3.


I was able to transfer data from LS1012a to Rpi3 as master-to-slave, but I want vice-versa.


Question: Could you please explain my steps what I need to do in order to make LS1012a work as a slave? There is the option with bit-banging GPIO pins from the userspace, but I Want to have it as a Kernel module.


I asked a similar question in NXP forum (LS1012A - i2c slave mode , sorry for asking this twice, but I didnt receive any useful answer), they referred me to this - I didnt find it much helpful, it has a part of custom driver code. But i thought that I should've re-used this driver code, same is used for I2C master mode for this board (


If I should ask linux-i2c maintainers, then please let me know their addresses because this guy does not answer,