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How do I recover a bricked mx 1052 dev kit?

Question asked by Will L on Apr 3, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by Victor Jimenez

Similar to I flashed an image to my dev kit and now the debugger (j-link pro) cannot reprogram it.  Unlike prior times this happened to me, toggling the dip switches in SW7 seems to have no effect and I am unable to either erase the hyperflash or push down a new image.  Following the thread above I ran the J-Link commander and tried to connect to the dev kit, both with the switches in the "up" position (1,1,1,1) and in the "down" position (0,1,1,0) and both times I got errors, but interestingly enough it was a different error.

With the switches "up" I got all the way to the line about D-Cache L1:  32KB... and then got the message "****** Error: Could not find core in Coresight setup".

With the switches "down" I get to the same spot, but the error this time is "****** Error: DAP error while reading AIRCR"

The GUI flash tool just says "Command failed with exit code 1" when I try to erase the flash.

I am running the board using an external "wall-wart" power supply (noticed issues in the past using the USB connection) and have tried both with and without the debug USB cable connected to the board.