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IMX8MM EVK: Purpose of using FET in DCDC (5V) MP8759GD

Question asked by yuh ah on Apr 2, 2020

Hi Everyone!

In the reference Schematic of IMX8M Mini, can anyone show me the purpose of using FET Q903 (NX3008NBKW, 115)?

How does it affect the Enable of DCDC MP8759?

In the datasheet of NX3008NBKW, VGS (th) = 0.6 0.9 1.1V (~ Min Type Max)
By default VBUS_IN = 5V, Q903, VGS = 0.36V (<VGSth) means that Q903 will be off. So, what function does Q903 have?
And, in case I want to use VBUS_IN = 12V, how does it affect the Enable of DCDC MP8759?

(Page 12 of Schematic)

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