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Which FlexSPI LUT entries does the Boot-ROM need for XIP?

Question asked by Stefan Mitterhauser on Apr 2, 2020
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in the RT1020 Reference Manual is a list of pre-defined LUT indices

The example project flexspi_nor_polling_transfer only specifies the READ LUT. In another configuration file I got from NXP support for a Macronix flash there is also the write enable LUT entry and OPI mode LUT entry specified.


  1. Which of these indices does the Boot-ROM need for booting from XIP QSPI flash if you also use .configCmdEnable = 1 in nor config block? 
  2. When will the Dummy command be used/for what is the Dummy command?
  3. Is it somehow possible to already specify the complete needed LUT for my application in the boot config block? I have tried it but after downloading my code and checking the FlexSPI registers via debugger it looks like not all of my defined LUT entries are copied to the registers. After calling FLEXSPI_UpdateLUT in my application code everything is written to the registers as expected.


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