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I2C driver in optee not working

Question asked by Asma Alekar on Apr 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2020 by igorpadykov

Hello Everyone,



I have port imx-i2c driver from Linux to Optee. As in Linux, the driver is called to start i2c communication through i2c_imx_start,  when it tries to read the content of I2C1->IFDR it freezes and I can't do anything after it. 


My question is:

1. Is it possible to do I2C communication from Optee in IMX6UL?

2. If yes for the above question, Is there any configuration I am missing?

3. Is there any document that can help me to do it?


My observation with unit_tests/memtool is same, it just prints address and freezes.




My Linux kernel rev :4.19.35-00021-g9a6e1ef226ac-dirty

Optee rev: revision 3.8 (f252692d)


Looking forward to your reply.