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S32DS V2018.R1 Breakpoints Stopped Working

Question asked by Larry Leviton on Apr 2, 2020

Hello. I was using S32DS for ARM Version 2018.R1 Build 180815 with processor S32K116. I installed S32DS Version 2.2 and saw a message that it was updating my pemicro FX debugger. Did that actually update the firmware in the pemicro FX? Is there a method to undo this? I also noticed that the debugger no longer deactivates the watchdog. I uninstalled V2.2 and went back to V2018.R1. Now V2018.R1 doesn't stop on breakpoints that I set. It initially stops inside main(), and stops when I click "Suspend". Using c:\nxp\s32ds_arm_v2018.r1\drivers\pedrivers_install.exe I reinstalled c:\pemicro\pedrivers\supportfiles\Drivers_12_7_0, but this made no difference. Any ideas?