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EEPROM protection issue- MC9S12XD512

Question asked by MATT WEBB on Apr 14, 2009
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Bear with me, as I am just an EE.


We are using a MC9S12XD512.


During a SW VNV effort, our contractor somehow protected the EEPROM so we can no longer erase/write.


From the datasheet:

To change the EEPROM protection that will be loaded during the reset sequence, the EEPROM memory

must be unprotected, then the EEPROM Protection byte must be reprogrammed.


It also says:

The EPOPEN and EPDIS bits can only be written to the protected state.


Currently we have:

EEPROM Protection Byte at address 0x13FFFD = 0x00

EPROT at address 0x114 = 0x00


Both should be 0xFF.  How do I change this? 






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