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LPC802 IR application

Question asked by ZHIWEI CHEN on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by Diego Charles

Hi, I am doing a project about receiving the input value from a remote via IR.

The protocol tends to be NEC

Please check the link if you need want more information for NEC

NEC Infrared Transmission Protocol | Online Documentation for Altium Products 


It seems I have to set an NEC to encode and decode function from IR.

I wonder how to generate the clock properly as a timer/counter to capture input 1 or 0 and return the decoded value to the main function.


The encode function is an interrupt function as IR receives the pulse from a remote.

I lost the thought to link encode and decode functions together such that pass through the decoded value to the main function.


Appreciate your time, if there is an efficient way to do IR encode and decode in LPC802, please share. Thanks.