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Difference between Reference Design Voltage and Measured Voltage

Question asked by Aquiel Godeau on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by Mrudang Shelat



We are bringing up a board based on the NXP Volansys Modular Gateway Reference Design. We are setting 5.2V on the power supply to achieve 5.0V on the J15 connector.

The current drawn by the board (as shown by the power supply) is almost 1.5A.
The measuremets results are:
* U8_LTC2
- voltage on the R22_LTC2 - 4.29V (should be 5V)
* TP3 (VSYS_5V) - 3.49V (Reference Design Value: 5V)
* R141 (SYS_5V) - 3.6V (Reference Design Value: 5V)
* TP20 (VSYS_5V) - 3.45V (Reference Design Value: 5V)
* R147 (VSYS_5V) - 3.44V (Reference Design Value: 5V)
* TP21 (VCC_3V3) - 0.14V (Reference Design Value: 3.3V)
* TP22 (VDD_3V3) - 0.14V (Reference Design Value:3.3V)


What could be causing the voltage drop between the reference design value and the measured value?