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The FRDM-KW36 can't connect with smart phone

Question asked by sihan chen on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on May 27, 2020 by sharon urban

Hello All ~

             I have used the button to config the FRDM-KW36 as a peripheral device for to connect to the smart phone. Although the smart phone can find the FRDM-KW36 and allow it to connect, but the connection will disconnect immediately when FRDM -KW36 was connected to the phone.

     I tried to find the problem and it seems like the service can't be found .... During this connection process, The FRDM-KW36 will try to find out the corresponding service several times and will disconnect the connection when the service can't be found. 

      Can anyone to tell me how to solve this problem or please provide some suggestion to me.

Many thanks.


Here are some debug log to show as follows :