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Question asked by Ertuğ Bayram YÜRÜK on Mar 27, 2020
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Hello Support Team,


I'm programming NXP (Devkit S12ZVC) for the first time and i have eeprom and flash problem. I could write any data to EEPROM or FLASH (I checked on CW memory monitoring) and i could also read. But the data disappears every time (all eeprom bytes are 0xFF) when i reset the MCU or i power off and power on again. So i tried to write to FLASH, but I had the same problem with FLASH too. I used Processor Expert and another library too, but the problem still continues. I think i have a simple problem but i dont know that what i dont do or do wrong. I'm waiting for your helps.

Thanks from now,

Ertuğ Bayram YÜRÜK