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APS confirm fail with distance Router to Coordinator is 15m-20m

Question asked by Dang Thanh Nha on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Dear all,


Currently, I got a routing problem occurs when I tested a Zigbee network between a Coordinator and a Router. The test's steps are described below:

  1. Coordinator is module chip Jn5169 and code is use JN-AN-1216 software.
  2. Router is a module chip Jn5169 and is used JN-AN-1217 software.
  3. Sniffer use module chip Jn5169 with firmware is JennicSniffer_JN5169_1000000_HP.bin in folder \sdk\JN-SW-4170_GW\Tools\JennicSniffer.
  4. Router is joined Coordinator network and I config Router 3 – 4 minutes will auto report to Coordinator (see file zwgui.txt).
  5. Move Router far from Coordinator. When distance the Router and the Coordinator is 15m - 20m. I use command of ZWGUI from Coordinator and receive responded by Router (Command onoff Cluster, see file zwgui.txt, raw_data_with_router_far_coordinator.txt).
  6. I wait about 10 - 15 minutes and saw report from Router to Coordinaor with packet is received, the Router report message type 0x8702 (APS confirm fail), status E9 to Coordinator (see file zwgui.txt, raw_data_with_router_far_coordinator.txt).
  7. Then I am trying send packet (onoff cluster) from coordinator to Router, i received message type 0x8702 (APS confirm fail), status D4 and message type 0x8701 (Router Discovery Confirm) status D0. The second I trying send packet (onoff cluster) to Router again is fail, after I trying send packet again and I saw message report from ZWGUI Coordinator is successful (see file zwgui.txt, raw_data_with_router_far_coordinator.txt).
  8. I have use Ubiqua see message it seems like router and coordinator both lost each other link.  and the Route request is 0xFFFF and the Coordinator request is 0xFFFF (see file Ubiqua)


  1. Is there a better solution to handle this issue than to wait until I can send again? (message type 0x8702 (APS confirm fail), status E9 then message type 0x8702 (APS confirm fail), status D4).
  2. Any idea why, or is there something i need to modify in the control bridge code to receive that report?
  3. I see a several post ( about “APS Security Timeout Period”. I don’t know if it will affect to send message from Rouer or Coordinator ‘’APS confirm fail’’?

Config as SDK:

  1. APS Inter-frame Delay is 10
  2. #define apscAckWaitDuration         (100000UL)
  3. MAC_PIB_ATTR_ACK_WAIT_DURATION = 0x40,      /**< macAckWaitDuration */
  • File zwgui.txt 25-26/03/2020 raw data with distance the router to coordinator is 15-20m.
  • File Ubiqua_26032020_1.cubx 26/03/2020 data with distance the router to coordinator is 15-20m.
  • File raw_data_with_router_near_coordinator.txt and raw_data_with_router_near_coordinator_Ub.cubx: raw data from    ZWGUI with Router near coordinator (10cm) and from sniffer (27/03/2020).
  • File raw_data_with_router_far_coordinator.txt and raw_data_with_router_far_coordinator_Ub.cubx: raw data from ZWGUI    with Router near coordinator (15m – 20m) and from sniffer (27/03/2020).