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Using I2C with K64 and KSDK v2

Question asked by Gabriel Grosskopf on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2020 by Jing Pan

I am using the FDRM-K64F.   I'd like to write an app with MCUXpresso that does I2C communication with an external peripheral.   I thought I would start with the accelerometer, which is built-in and working.


I looked at all the built-in SDK examples and what they have in common is that they do not use the MCUXpresso config tools.   If I look at i2c_read_accel_value example, I cannot update it with the peripheral tool or pin tool.   I say that because the application directly initializes the I2C hardware and pins and clocks.   While it is great that the code works, it is better to create something with the tools,


Does anyone have a FDRM-K64F example app that uses the I2C subsystem and was actually programmed using the MCUXpresso config tools?