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Read Session Registers of NTAG I2C Plus Demo Board - Unknown Response

Question asked by Joe Pownall on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Joe Pownall

I'm trying to read the Session Registers via NFC of the NTAG I2C Plus demo board, but both Read (0x30) and Fast Read (0x3A) return the same data, which I can't understand.  


So, for the FAST READ command, I'm sending [0x3A,0xEC,0xED]


I'm looking for the first 8 bytes, but they are coming out as follows:


Byte0 = 7D

Byte1 = 07

Byte2 = F8

Byte3 = 48

Byte4 = 08

Byte5 = 01

Byte6 = 21

Byte7 = 00


These values don't mean anything in the Spec sheet ( ) 


Can anyone suggest why they're not coming out as expected? Even their default values are nowhere to be seen, but the response is always exactly the same.