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Configuring kernel for LX2160 using Yocto SDK

Question asked by Brian Vajda on Mar 26, 2020
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I'm developing a distro for the LX2160ardb board using the Yocto SDK from NXP (per the thread Are there instructions to build images from Yocto for LX2160A RDB? ).


I need to customize the kernel for this distro. I have attempted to modify the kernel configuration using the the methods in the Yocto documentation. Specifically, I have created a bbappend to supply a defconfig file, as well as creating a cfg (from the bitbake diffconfig command). Neither approach works when starting a kernel build from a clean (bitbake virtual/kernel -c cleanall followed by bitbake virtual/kernel).


The kernel configuration works if I build an image (bitbake fsl-image-networking -> bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig -> bitbake fsl-image-networking). However, I need to have the Yocto build fully automated from first principles, aka. checking out all layers from scratch and doing an image build.


Upon further investigation, the recipe or in the meta-freescale/recipes-kernel/linux layer seems to intercept the kernel config process. Within these two recipes, there is a function do_merge_delta_config that assembles a defconfig. This task is then inserted into the Yocto task stack via addtask merge_delta_config before do_preconfigure after do_patch.


I still have the need to modify the kernel, however since the freescale layer deviates from the Yocto norm, I don't know the best way to patch my kernel customizations into the build process. Commenting out the addtask line in the recipe works, but again I need to build a distro from a fresh clone of all layers.


What is the recommended approach to modify the kernel configuration when using the freescale layers for the QorIQ?


Thank you-