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How to reinit SD card without SD_PowerOffCard

Question asked by Lacouture Patrice on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Felipe García
I have design a board that includes :
- a MIMXRT1064DVL6A processor,
- Memory IS42s16160j,
- SD card slot,
- A led
I was inspired by IMXRT1064 EVKB Board to design it.
In my board, unfortunately, I have not routed the SD_PWREN that means I can not use SD_PowerOffCard fuction of SDK.
My SD card is powered when the board is powered.
I do the following test:
1) Import the fatfs_sdcard example,
2) Program the board with fatfs_sdcard exemple by JTAG (the program is in the falsh)
=> I have the "SD card Bus clock is 198000000 Hz"
3)  Program the board with fatfs_sdcard exemple by JTAG (I did not remove the sd card or power off the board)
=> I have  "SD card Bus clock is 49500000 Hz"
To have in the step 3) SD card Bus clock at 198000000 Mhz, I have to set SD_PowerOffCard but I cannot because SD_PWREN is not routed.
I think I have to clear internal registers of the SD card or clear something into the SD card.
Do you know if there are any possibilities to clear the registers to have "SD card Bus clock at 198000000 Mhz" during the step 3 or what do you recommend me to do ?

Thank you in advance,